Isabelle Arpin & Umiami, a tasty collaboration

As we strive to cut down global meat consumption, one delicious plant-based filet at a time, we had the pleasure of meeting Isabelle Arpin. Isabelle, a French chef with twice awarded Michelin Stars, shares Umiami’s commitment to using responsible ingredients in her restaurants.

Umiami’s Plant-Based Fillet on Switzerland’s shelves for the first time!

Introduction Our unique collaboration with FFF Fresh & Frozen Food is making waves in the Swiss market. Together, we are introducing a product that promises to tantalize taste buds and redefine plant-based dining. Umiami: Crafting Culinary Magic Founded in 2020 by Tristan Maurel, Martin Habfast, and Clémence Pedraza, Our mission was simple and ambitious: to […]

Umisation vs. Extrusion: Comparing 2 Plant-Based Meat Production Methods

Introduction As the world looks for sustainable protein sources to address environmental concerns, plant-based meat appears to be a promising solution. Technologies like fermentation and wet and dry extrusion are widely used in the production of plant-based meat commonly sold around the world. As new technologies like 3D printing, lab-grown meat, and umisation emerge, one […]

Umiami : Taste and Texture of Meat from Plants

Introduction According to a study from the Good Food Institute (GFI) run by OpinionWay in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, more than 50% of respondents said to had reduced their meat intake during the last five years. The reasons for cutting meat varied by country, animal well-being in Germany, personal health in Italy and Spain, […]

Europe’s Plant-Based Food Retail Market: A Growing Trend

Introduction The market for plant-based food in Europe has seen a huge growth spurt, with new products that are delicious, affordable, and convenient driving the trend. Consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to animal-derived products for health, ecological, and ethical reasons, and companies must continue to invest in innovative plant-based products to meet this demand. […]