Umiami’s Plant-Based Fillet on Switzerland’s shelves for the first time!


Our unique collaboration with FFF Fresh & Frozen Food is making waves in the Swiss market. Together, we are introducing a product that promises to tantalize taste buds and redefine plant-based dining.

Umiami: Crafting Culinary Magic

Founded in 2020 by Tristan Maurel, Martin Habfast, and Clémence Pedraza, Our mission was simple and ambitious: to create plant-based products that mimic the taste, texture, color, and juiciness of meat, all while using fewer than 10 natural ingredients and without relying on texturing agents or methylcellulose. Our vision goes beyond taste; it aims to facilitate the transition to a more plant-based diet, contributing to environmental protection, animal welfare, and public health.

Our main product is the analog chicken fillet, that defies traditional expectations. Whether it’s grilled, breaded, fried, marinated, or bathed in sauce, Umiami chicken fillets promise a gastronomic journey that even devoted meat lovers will savor.

FFF Fresh & Frozen Food: A Bold Identity Twist

FFF Fresh & Frozen Food, is a Swiss distribution specialist founded in 2000 with a keen eye for innovation. With its great experience in Swiss retail and a large range of vegetarian and vegan alternative products, FFF is a key partner we are glad to have!

 In a common agreement, FFF and us decided to launch our Umiami’s plant-based chicken fillet under our own Umiami brand name and packaging, deviating from our usual white-label approach. This decision showcases FFF’s belief in our product and its commitment to delivering top-notch alternatives to Swiss consumers.

Why Switzerland?

We decided with FFF to launch our Umiami plant-based fillet in Switzerland for several reasons. Switzerland is a picturesque country renowned for its stunning landscapes and its rich culinary heritage. In addition to being home to many internationally recognized food brands, Switzerland has been experiencing a remarkable shift in dietary preferences. The demand for plant-based meat has evolved from a trend to a staple, firmly establishing itself on supermarket shelves across the country. 

In fact, according to the Swissveg association, a recent study from 2022 shows an increase of 14% over 2021 of people following a vegan or vegetarian diet, and this is for the 5th consecutive time. With such a promising market and significant investment and innovation in sustainable protein companies, we are excited to be a part of the alternative protein revolution in Switzerland.

Umiami in Coop Stores: The Grand Debut

Thanks to the strategic partnership with FFF Fresh & Frozen Food, our Umiami plant-based chicken fillet is now available in 165 Coop stores across Switzerland. Coop, a retail giant with a legacy spanning over 150 years, is a household name in Switzerland, known for its extensive network of supermarkets, specialist formats, and online shops that cater to every need. The selected stores, primarily located in Switzerland’s major cities, including Zurich, Basel, Berne, and Geneva, ensure that Umiami’s innovative product reaches every corner of the country.

A Visionary Collaboration

Our CEO and co-founder of Umiami Tristan Maurel, shared his excitement, saying, “It’s a testament to our commitment to providing quality plant-based alternatives that our product has been embraced by distribution and retail experts. This partnership is not just a testament to our technology but also a reflection of the Swiss food industries’ support for our values. It motivates us to continue innovating to meet our customers’ expectations.”

Thomas Wirth, CEO at FFF Fresh & Frozen Food AG, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our partnership with UMIAMI is a testament to their innovative approach and solid technological foundation. We are eager to keep pushing boundaries and creating exceptional products together. Stay tuned for more!”

In Conclusion: A Flavorful Future Beckons

With the Umiami and FFF Fresh & Frozen Food collaboration, Switzerland consumers can be sure to discover an interesting texture and savor a product they love but better for them and the planet. This partnership reflects the growing demand for plant-based options in Switzerland and both of our companies’ dedication to promoting healthier, environmentally conscious, and ethically sourced food choices.

As we continue to innovate and FFF Fresh & Frozen Food expands its distribution efforts, we anticipate an exciting gastronomic future for Switzerland, where every meal is a delightful, sustainable feast.