Simplicity, respect

and taste

At Umiami, we love meat.
But we do not like its impact on health, animals welfare and the environment.

Our mission ?

To offer 100% vegan products, without any controversial ingredients.


Meat production has a significant impact on the environment:

1 /4

Pastures occupy 1/4 of the land surface

14.5 %

Livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of GHGs in the world

63 %

of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is due to livestock

An awareness of animal suffering:

millions of animals slaughtered per day in the United States
the number of pigs slaughtered per hour worldwide
million tons of animal meat was consumed in 2021

Plant-based substitutes are sometimes unsuitable and highly processed:


different ingredients: this is the average number of ingredients present in plant-based substitutes

Our solution

Meat and fish fillets are the world’s most consumed products, and people have become accustomed to incorporating them into their favorite recipes.

Before Umiami


There was no textured plant-based alternative. 

That’s why we’ve created our own technology, allowing us to create a unique product adapted to everyday needs. Unlike many existing substitutes, we’ve also developed products with a short and simple ingredient list. And that’s enough.

Our products are tasty and respectful of consumers, animals, and the environment.

Our belief

Why imitate meat?

No one should choose between eating what they like and their health and personal beliefs. Protecting our planet, our health, or animals should not deprive us of the taste experience of meat. That’s why we offer alternatives that perfectly mimic the taste, texture, and chewing sensation we love when eating meat.

Why reduce your meat consumption?

We are convinced that the choices we make about food can have a significant impact on our health and that of our planet. 


Switching from animal meat to plant-based alternatives can offer health benefits while positively impacting climate change and animal welfare. Through our offer, we help individuals become aware of the negative consequences of their consumption. Our ambition is to challenge the food industry’s codes by contributing to change on a (very) large scale.

From mission
to impact

In 2022, Umiami officially became a company with a mission.
This is because we are committed to making a concrete commitment to our beliefs. 

Our purpose  is simple: “to contribute to the preservation of the climate, animal welfare and the improvement of public health by designing plant-based alternatives to meat and fish.” 

An impact on 3 main axes


Offering simple and tasty plant-based alternatives allows individuals to adapt their diet to their beliefs.

A clean-label plant-based product provides as many nutritional benefits as a piece of meat and does not require the addition of any controversial ingredients.

The environment

Opting for clean-label plant-based alternatives can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and support companies' environmental initiatives.

The plant-based industry is estimated to produce 2 to 4 times fewer greenhouse gases than the animal meat industry.

Animal suffering

Every year, 80 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption.

Consuming plant-based alternatives can drastically reduce animal suffering.