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100% vegan, gourmet, with a unique taste & clean label products. 
Umiami works with food service professionals to create long-lasting and trustworthy partnerships. Our goal? To develop innovative products that revolutionize meat alternatives.

Offer a new taste experience

to your customers!

Cooks, decision-makers of international groups, starred chefs: 
Give your customers a unique experience. Make a difference with the vegan filet for flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans.

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Chefs and cooks

Add Umiami analog chicken fillet to your menus!

Do you want to increase your sales? Attract new customers or expand your offerings?

Invite your customers to a unique experience with gourmet and trendy recipes based on plant-based fillets.

Restaurant chains

Restaurant chains, branches, fast food outlets, or company restaurants? Offer new experiences to your customers with greedy and proteinous vegetable fillets.

Thanks to our plant for producing vegetable netting, our teams are involved in the entire value chain.

A guarantee of quality and quantity that few companies in the sector can achieve.

Dare to try something new with custom-made plant based fillets for everyone!

Do you want to stand out in the minds of your customers? Include in your best-selling items plant based fillets with a flavorful center.

Require a specific coating? We’ll work with you to meet your different needs. 
Gently accompany your customers towards a more environmentally friendly food transition.

This option may vary according to the quantities of vegetable fillets ordered. For more information, our sales team is at your disposal.

100% meat-free products, without any compromise.

89 %

Is the average percentage of vegetarian dishes consumed by non-vegetarians in restaurants worldwide. 

Expanding your offer with vegetarian food means attracting new customers while surprising the most loyal ones. It means increasing your range of dishes while meeting your business objectives. 

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Why choose Umiami and invest in innovative alternatives?

Analog chicken fillet with a new texture

A high protein product, clean label, without controversial additives and gluten-free

A simple, tasty product adapted to the market

Hundreds of recipes can be made

A list of ingredients reduced to the maximum for a nutriscore A